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Corona 101: Hit the ground rendering

Corona 101: Hit the ground rendering (3 tutorials)

Three videos which talk about material creation, basic lighting and render settings respectively.

Tutorial credits: Midge Sinnaeve

Honey Pot Tutorial

Honey Pot Tutorial

This Corona Renderer tutorial is a step-by-step the creation of the making of the "Honey project", by Sergey Kolbasnikov.

Corona Renderer Learning Video Tutorials

Quick Start Guide

This video shows the basics of working with Corona Renderer: using daylight system, adjusting exposure, and using interactive rendering.

Corona Renderer 1.2 Overview Tutorial

In this Corona Renderer 1.2 Tutorial, you will receive a quick overview of new and improved features in the Corona Renderer 1.2 release.

Corona Scatter Foliage Tutorial

In this tutorial, you will learn how to utilize Corona Scatter to distribute foliage in your scene

Corona Renderer: Car Paint Materials (3 tutorials)

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create nice looking car paint materials, how to create pearl car paints and how to create quick and easy car paint flakes effect.


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  Corona Renderer for 3ds Max is the latest commercial release of Corona Renderer for 3ds Max. It comes in a universal installer, that can be activated both in FairSaaS and Box license mode. There are no resolution limitations, or watermarks, and you can use it even for commercial purposes. It works with 3ds Max 2011-2017. Download Corona Renderer Trial Today!