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3D Models

Archmodels vol. 48

Price: $119.00 USD

Archmodels vol. 48 Have you ever lost your race with time doing visualizations? Have you ever been embarrassed of unfinished renders, spending all... More


Archmodels vol. 55

Price: $130.00 USD

Archmodels vol. 55 Archmodels Vol. 55 includes 38 models of street vehicles and ships. Total size: 1.59 GB in one file Scenes are not... More


Archmodels vol. 73

Price: $119.00 USD

Archmodels vol. 73 This collection includes 20 highly detailed models of airplanes and airport equipment with all textures, shaders and materials. It... More


Archmodels vol. 78

Price: $119.00 USD

Archmodels vol. 78 This collection includes 40 highly detailed models of small electrionic appliances with all textures, shaders and materials. It is... More


Archmodels vol. 84

Price: $119.00 USD

Archmodels vol. 84 This collection includes 30 military models with all textures, shaders and materials. You will find here military trucks, tanks,... More


HDModels Cars vol. 1

Price: $399.00 USD

AdobeEdge.loadComposition('/media/products/archmodels/3dCars/vol_1/Edge/1/3D_Cars-1', 'EDGE-177238495', { scaleToFit: "none", centerStage:... More


HDModels Cars vol. 3

Price: $399.00 USD

AdobeEdge.loadComposition('/media/products/archmodels/3dCars/vol_3/Edge/01/HDCarModels-v3-1', 'EDGE-380962061', { scaleToFit: "none",... More


XfrogPlants 2D Plants

Price: $149.50 USD

XfrogPlants 2D Plants 3,000 film-quality 2D plant renders (Billboards / Sprites / Alpha cutouts) For 2d Use:... More


XfrogPlants VOLUME 1

Price: $299.00 USD

XfrogPlants VOLUME 1 1,300 3D trees, flowers shrubs and plants We all feel it - The economy is slowing down. And yet you need the best... More


XfrogPlants VOLUME 2

Price: $299.00 USD

XfrogPlants VOLUME 2 1,600 plants for only $359! That's less than $.22 cents a plant! You maybe heard about XfrogPlants VOLUME 1, or have... More



Price: $499.00 USD

XfrogPlants VOLUME BUNDLE You are reading this because you need plants. You are not someone who wants to muck about searching for one plant to... More