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Corona Renderer for 3ds Max




  Corona Renderer is a new high-performance (un)biased photorealistic renderer, available for 3ds Max and as a standalone CLI application.  

Corona Renderer News




  Corona Renderer brings you a completely re-worked displacement which should be much more powerful, stable and less memory-hungry. The new algorithm also creates nicer meshes with less meshing artifacts.



Corona Renderer Tutorials




  View our collection of Corona Renderer tutorials and learn everything from the basics to more challenging aspects of this powerful renderer.  

Corona Renderer Gallery




  View our extended gallery, courtesy of the photorealistic renderings of Sergey Kolbasnikov.



Corona Renderer Featured Video Tutorials





Featuring top notch free Corona Renderer Tutorials. Quickly get up to speed with the video Quick Start Guide and various Corona Renderer how-to videos.

Quick Start Guide

This video shows the basics of working with Corona Renderer: using daylight system, adjusting exposure, and using interactive rendering.

Corona 101: Materials

A quick overview of the basics of Corona materials.

Corona 101: Lighting

A quick overview of the basics of Corona lighting.

Corona 101: Rendering

A quick overview of the basics of Corona rendering.



Corona Renderer Featured How-To





Honey Pot Tutorial

This Corona Renderer tutorial is a step-by-step the creation of the making of the "Honey project", by Sergey Kolbasnikov.

Free Corona Renderer Tutorial

Render the Extraordinary: Featuring Sergey Kolbasnikov




Chair Cherry Cake Corona Kitchen 2014-1 Corona Kitchen 2014-2 Corona Kitchen 2014-3 Corona Kitchen 2015-1 Details 1-5 Winter Morning IKEA Room