Activating Corona

Activating Corona

Below is a guide on activating Corona using multiple methods.

1. Installing and Activating Corona on a Workstation
  1. Download the Universal Installer from: https://corona-renderer.com/download/ and install Corona on your machine.
  2. Locate your login and password if you are using FairSaaS, or workstation serial number if you are using Box license. They were sent to the email address you provided when buying Corona.
  3. Run 3ds Max, change renderer to Corona, and hit render in any (even empty) scene. A window prompting for activation will pop up.
    Note: if you have already installed and activated Demo version, or another license, first go to Render settings > System > About Corona Renderer/Licensing, and click "Remove license"
  4. Select the type of license you have purchased. Corona will try to connect to the Internet, and either:
    • If it can connect to the activation server, will prompt for your email/password, or serial number. Just input them and you are done.
    • If it cannot connect to the server (either the computer does not have Internet access, or firewall blocks 3dsmax.exe), request code will be shown together with an activation link. Visit the link ( https://corona-renderer.com/customer-zone/ ), select your license type, either log in or input your serial number, then input your request code. The page will display your activation code. Just copy it back to Corona and you are done.
    • Corona is now activated. You can see the license status in the Render Setup > System > About Corona Renderer / Licensing rollout.

Note: to de-activate your current license, go to Render Setup > System > About Corona Renderer / Licensing rollout and press the button. To activate the license again, use the above procedure. This is useful for example when changing license type (upgrading).

2. Corona Licensing Server

The easiest way of activating Corona on multiple computers over LAN is by using Corona Licensing Server. It is especially useful for render farms.

3. Renderfarms and Computers without 3ds Max GUI

Activating Corona on renderfarms and computers without 3ds Max GUI - installation and activation guide for special cases.

4. Troubleshooting: I cannot locate my password / serial number

The server says "Too many activations"

The number of computers that can be activated is limited by the number of licenses you purchased. Please especially note that Box licenses are not floating. If you suffered a hardware failure or need to re-host your Box license to a different computer, please contact us. You will also get this message if you try to activate Box license as FairSaaS.

I cannot access Internet from my machine

  • Box: you can save the request code, input it here: https://corona-renderer.com/customer-zone/ from another machine, and then input the activation code manually.
  • FairSaaS: you can either use the same technique as for Box license, or you can use our licensing server, if there is another machine on the network with Internet access.

My license is not recognized after restarting 3ds Max

The most probable cause is that you are using different user accounts, or just running applications under different accounts. The activation is per-user, so each user needs to activate the license separately. Note that activating the license for different users on a single computer does not count towards the activation limit.

If you have any additional problems with the activation process, please contact us, and we will promptly help you.