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FurryBall combines speed of GPU rendering with QUALITY and features of CPU rendering.

FurryBall is incredibly fast GPU production quality UNBIASED and BIASED final frame renderer, with real-time viewport preview. FurryBall was designed specially for the purposes of CGI animated movies, VFX and movie rendering. The latest version FurryBall RT is extra simple and easy to use - you can tune all quality with single parameter, if you want.

Your single computer becomes a very powerfull renderfarm. FurryBall offers advanced raytracing techniques (path tracing), direct support for Maya, (3DS Max and Cinema 4D - FurryBall 4.8). Each license can be used by all three 3D applications for FREE. FurryBall fully supports multi GPU rendering for scalable GPU accelerated final frame rendering.

The renderer was developed by AAA studio and has been used on many productions since 2008 by Blizzard, Valve, Hydrogen Whiskey Studios, Nickelodeon, Xantus, WinSing, Cluster Studio, Moon Bites, WinSing, Pixals, Full Dimensional and many more.