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iFlowers vol. 1 Field

iFlowers vol. 1 Field

iFlowers vol. 1 Field

Code: iFlowers vol. 1 Field

Price: $55.00 USD

iFlowers vol. 1

Have you ever lost your race with time doing visualizations? Have you ever been embarrassed of unfinished renders, spending all night on the modeling process, instead of rendering? iFlowers vol. 1 includes 100 professional, highly detailed 3d models. Scenes are not included.

Collection consist of 15 different kinds of meadow plants and flowers, 6 variations of each.

Create photorealistic fields populated with beautiful wild flowers and plants in 3ds max format (2009 and higher), optimized for V-Ray 1.5.

System Requirements
  • Requires 3ds max 2009 and later
  • Materials are optimised for V-Ray and Mental Ray
  • FBX format is also available

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