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Thea for Blender

Thea for Blender

Price: $395.00 USD

Thea for Blender Plugin
Why Thea for Blender?

Thea Render is an exceptional quality external rendering solution that is now integrated on Blender as tight as possible. Features such as interactive rendering, materials editing, instancing support make it possible to work inside Blender creating astonishing results with a smooth workflow between Blender and Thea Render. In addition, we have taken the decision to release the plugin under GPL (open source) that, we believe, fits the spirit of Blender development itself.

Interactive Render

With the use of the interactive render mode you are able to preview the Blender scene, with its materials and lighting, interactively. You are able to see the rendered scene inside the 3D View or at the UV/Image Editor and see your changes being applied directly. Check out the video for more!

Material Lab

Add Thea materials to your Blender materials either from inside Blender or with the help of Thea Material lab pop-up window. Increase your scene realism by adding high quality materials with layers, displacement, light emittance and any other option that Thea Material Lab provides.

Instancing Support

All clone objects in Blender made either with Alt+d command or by using object particles they will be exported to Thea as instances, allowing easier rendering of heavy geometry.


Find ready-to-use Render Presets inside Blender and make rendering mush easier by quickly overriding the settings. Select the preset you need for any Biased, Unbiased and GPU engine and then let Thea Darkroom do the rest.

Open Source

Blender plugin is now released under GPL (open source license). In the archive that is downloaded you will find the Python source code that integrates Thea on Blender. We believe that the open source license of the plugin makes the integration as tight as possible and fits perfectly the spirit of Blender development itself.

Export to Studio

Thea for Blender makes it possible for user to export the scene to Thea Standalone Studio and take advantage of additional staging tools. All your material, camera, environment and lighting settings made inside Blender will be then present in Thea Studio for further tweaking and full control over rendering.


System Requirements
Windows, Mac OSX, Linux
System Requirements: Windows Vista/7/8, SSE2 CPU, for Presto
GPU: Nvidia CUDA graphics card (Compute Capability 2.0 or bigger)
Blender v2.71 and above

  Thea Render Studio Commercial License is required for the plugin to be functional and is included in this purchase. A license is required for any purposes other than evaluating the renderer.