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  • Rendering by Davidh1
  • Rendering by Davidh1
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Thea Render Studio Academic Lab License

Thea Render Studio Academic Lab License

Thea Render Studio Academic Lab License

Price: $424.00 USD


Thea Render is a state-of-the-art Biased, Unbiased and GPU renderer with a rich set of innovative features, a powerful material system and its own advanced studio, all-in-one.

Rendering by Seanser

Superior Image Quality

In every work involving visualization, the natural way of lighting and physically correct materials play the most important role. Thea Render light simulation and our unique material system ensure that all your images will take advantage of these essential qualities. No matter whether you render a simple idea or a detailed product presentation with complex materials the image will tell a whole story for itself. You can focus on your artistic expression while Thea will take care of the final result.

Rendering by plot-paris

Studio Overview

With Thea Studio you get a full stager for your scene by means of OpenGL support with various advanced tools offering many possibilites and an easy learning curve. User interface has the same design on all platforms (Windows, Mac and Linux) and allows import of scenes with several formats, as for example *.3ds and *.obj. With theme support and an internationalized interface, Thea Render standalone studio is a complete and versatile tool to work with.


Thea Studio has its own darkroom with various post processing controls for final tweaks: Exposure, Filtering, Channels and Photometric Analysis, all are available and almost all of them can be applied during rendering.

Material & Color Editor

Material editor comes in two flavors; both integrated on studio and as standalone. Texture editor is also available for advanced texture customization, like Tone Mapping and use of Procedurals.

With the advanced RGB/HSV color picker and spectrum editor you can easily preview the selected color under different illuminants.

Interactive Render

Thea Studio allows fast Interactive rendering inside its Viewport. Applying materials and walking through the scene interactively makes it ideal for quick tweaking and preview of any scene.


Relight is among the unique powerful tools one can find inside Thea Studio. In the relight editor, images from different light groups can be edited together, creating unbiased animations from a single render.

Animation Editor

Thea Studio comes along with Animation Editor; translational and rotational key-frame animation of objects, point lights and cameras can be adjusted from the animation toolbar. Use it to setup a walkthrough animation and present your interiors or a circular animation, ideal for your product designs presentation.

Instancing Brush

Using the integrated instancing brush tool, there can be millions of instances with great variety over scattered objects. You can have control over the dimensions/coordinates variance, the instanced population and its density and select a map to spread your instances to specific points only.

System Requirements
All major operating systems are supported
Windows XP/Vista/7/8+, Linux, Mac OSX
Leopard/Snow Leopard/Lion/Mountain Lion/Mavericks+.

  Academic lab licenses are intended to be used for educational purposes only and they cannot be purchased by students. This is a single license that can be used for installation on up to 30 machines (license cannot be used for network rendering). They are single licenses, i.e. they can be installed and activated on one machine only. Proof of educational institute membership is required for confirmation prior to purchasing the product (a scanned copy of faculty ID along with university e-mail address is needed for teachers).