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Learn V-Ray for 3ds Max

Learn V-Ray for 3ds Max

Price: $370.00 USD


Images created by members, using the 5SRW Method with V-Ray for 3ds Max

Learn V-Ray

The Learn V-Ray course and 5SRW Method are properties of CGworld Pte Ltd, Singapore.

Apply Photography to Render, using V-Ray in 5 steps

Learn the 5SRW method to use V-Ray in a photographic way, from the lighting to the post production

Each Lesson Includes:
  • Video – 15′ in average (full of information, straight to the point, easy to follow)
  • Bullet points to resume the video lesson
  • Text and images to make the lesson complete
  • 3D Files to download and practice
  • 3D files to download including V-Ray settings and Materials
  • Box message to contact V-Ray Trainers
  • Videos in English / Español / Italiano / Français / Deutsch / Bahasa/ Portugues / Hebrew / Farsi

Lessons Designed by Ciro Sannino
  • Book Author, 5SRW Founder and V-Ray Licensed Trainer – More info
  • Progressive lessons, from the Basics to Advanced

New // V-Ray 3.5 Update
  • The course includes two parts
  • The first part (10 lessons) is about the software and the approach.
  • This part is available in both versions: V-Ray 2 & V-Ray 3.5 in English, Italian and Spanish
  • We’re translating the other languages. Meanwhile you’ll have access to the English version
  • The second part regards the 5SRW techniques, it has been recorded using V-Ray 2.5 – All the photographic techniques are universal. Lighting, materials, and post-production have the same interface and procedures in all the V-Ray versions.

5SRW Course – Photography applied to V-Ray

Learn 3ds Max from the scratch: Interface, Snap tools, Material editor, UVW Modifier (get 1h training for Free, with the 5SRW Course) 50’00”
V-Ray Lesson#1: Activating V-Ray 01’40”
Lesson#2: How to handle both V-Ray 2 and 3 09’49”
Lesson#3: V-Ray Sun and V-Ray Physical Camera 06’47”
Lesson#4: How V-Ray Light works 08’32”
Lesson#5: Create a studio light hiearachy 08’45”
Lesson#6: Fix overexposurers with V-Ray Frame Buffer 02’36”
Lesson#7: How V-Ray IES works 04’13”
Lesson#8: Start creating V-Ray Materials 09’11”
Lesson#9: How to light with HDRls 03’52”
Lesson#10: Understand Color Mapping 03’18”
Lesson#11: First Light Balance and exposure settings 05’03”
Lesson#12: Shiny and opaque reflections / Fresnel concept 06’42”
Lesson#13: How to master DOF – Depht of field 05’30”
Lesson#14: Photoshop techniques for vintage effects 05’09”
Lesson#15: Place objetcs randomly with RayFire 03’53”
Lesson#16: Use HDRI to create nice reflections on small objects 03’30”
Lesson#17: Photoshop filters to create amazing bump maps 04’21”
Lesson#18: SpotLights and VRaylights for complex light balance 10’32”
Lesson#19: How to create/model a photorealistic floor 04’19”
Lesson#20: Create materials for Carpets and Curtains 10’02”
Lesson#21: The ‘Sandwich’ technique to control overexposures in Photoshop 04’26”
Lesson#22: How to create an interior light hiearchy mixing IES and VRayLights 14’34”
Lesson#23: VRayLight material, Wood and Pool material 18’43”
Lesson#24: How to composite using two layers of Ambient Occlusion, with flare effects 12’37”
Lesson#25: Create a light balance for exterios, using V-Ray Real Time (RT) 15’33”
Lesson#26: Handle Fresnel IOR to create photorealistic glass / exterios 32’20”
Lesson#27: Use the Render Elements VRayLightSelect / VRayExtratex (sky replacement) 36’11”
Lesson#28: Realistic natural light 13’12”
Lesson#29: Traslucency: VRay2Sided Materials and VRay SSS2 15’23”
Lesson#30: Have the full control of DOF with f number parameter 14’32”
Lesson#31: Use VRay Reflections, night effect 11’37”
Lesson#32: Photographic composition and night balance (exterior) 15’29”
Lesson#33: How to use VRaycompTex to improve texture details 18’32”
Lesson#34: VRayFur to easily create amazing grass 12’34”
Lesson#35: IBL, how to use HDRI maps with a VRay Dome 19’53”
Lesson#36: Unwrap modifier to map different surfaces 18’32”
Lesson#37: Fad, Proglow and Vignetting techniques with Photoshop 12’02”
Lesson#38: Studio lighting setup for lowkey scenes 15’46”
Lesson#39: Complex materials using reflection/Glossy maps 15’01”
Lesson#40: How to use VRayLens controls to create Bloom & Glare 15’09”
Lesson#41: VRay camera, Lights and spaces for lighintg schemes 04’23”
Lesson#42: Daylight Loft, VRayportal for natural light Scene
Lesson#43: Red Bathroom with candles simulation Scene
Lesson#44: Exterior, Winter Villa with snow Scene
Lesson#45: Use VRayLens to get the magic into ‘Magic Room’ Scene
Lesson#46: How a simple VRayDome + VRaySKy can create the magic ‘Lake House’ Scene
Lesson#47: VRaySun + Portal + IES + VRayLight in Black&White interior Scene
Lesson#48: VraySphere Light and IES in Art Room Scene
Lesson#49: Use VRaySun multipler for Caravaggio Style Scene
Lesson#50: Natural and bright light in Bonilla Lighting Scene
Extra-1: Sofa Capitones, subtitled – Modeling with Edit Poly 22’10”
Extra-2: Sofa Capitones, subtitled – Material creation 11’45’
Extra-3: All about Gamma: work with any Gamma configuration 23’52”


[ 1 ] – Access to “Problem/Solutions” area – Solutions for the most recurring problems [ + ]
[ 2 ] – Direct email Support with V-Ray Licensed Instructors [ + ]
[ 3 ] – Access to 50 V-Ray Materials, to download for V-Ray / 3ds Max [ + ]
[ 4 ] – Access to the official ‘5SRW Certification for V-Ray’ [ + ]
[ 5 ] – Access to our exclusive 5SRW Group, on Facebook [ + ]