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Xfrog 3.5

Xfrog 3.5

Price: $189.50 USD


What Is Xfrog?

Xfrog is a procedural organic 3D modeller that allows you to create and animate 3d trees, flowers, nature based special effects or architectural forms. Xfrog is available as a Mac OS, Windows, and Linux plug-in for Maya, Cinema 4D and as a standalone application.

Xfrog 3.5 Full has many thousands of users worldwide, including Sony Imageworks, Intel Research, the BBC, Moving Picture Company, and many more. Xfrog 3.5 Full contains the most advanced modeling and animation functionality available for organic use.


Organic Procedural 3D Modeling


Xfrog components make it easy to build plants, organic shapes or abstract objects. Below you will find a list of the different components and what they can do for you. All Xfrog components can be animated by varying their parameters: Growth, number of branches, strength of attraction, gravitropism, or phototropism, and each parameter of every Xfrog component can be animated! With this flexibility, Xfrog can animate things like blossoming flowers or trees growing from seed to adult.

Branch Object is for easily setting up elaborate multi-level branching structures with numerous parameters to give them a natural look.
The Phyllotaxis Object arranges other Objects on an abitrary surface of revolution, according to the rules of nature (golden section).
The Hydra Object arranges Objects in a circular pattern.
The Curvature Object creates Splines which can be used as a basis for naturally curved leafs or twigs.
The Variation Object allows you to use multiply different Objects with Branch, Phyllotaxis and Hydra.
The Tropism Object lets your spline-based objects bend towards an abitrary direction or position.
The Deviation Object is a simple way to add natural detail to your Branches, by deviating a Branch Object at the places where other Branches emerge.

Rendereding by Richard Fraser

The Xfrog PC Reference Manual contains comprehensive information regarding the functionality of Xfrog 3.5 Full.
English (7MB PDF)


System Requirements
  • PC, Linux, IRIX
    • Minimum 400 mhz processor, OpenGL graphics support, 256 or higher RAM
  • Mac supports PC emulation modes only, no other support