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XfrogPlants 2D Plants

XfrogPlants 2D Plants

Price: $149.50 USD


XfrogPlants 2D Plants

3,000 film-quality 2D plant renders (Billboards / Sprites / Alpha cutouts)

For 2d Use:

We have created TIF+A (embedded alpha at render time, ultra-clean, no white lines or blurry content of any kind) so you can drag and drop into Photoshop or any 2d software to add plants to your architectural designs, quick comps for commercials, TV, and Film.

For 3d Use:

Texture map and use all our plant renders inside your 3d scenes - now you can use our thousands of grasses, shrubs, flowers and trees, as texture mapped single polygons to create truely massive low-res ecosystems - great for pre-viz, game design, tv and film background plates, and more. The plants are from all over the world: Europe, Americas, Asia, Japan, China, Africa, Oceania - giving you the ability to build localized ecosystems content for nearly any region of the world.

Save literally thousands of hours of compositing and 3d rendering time - Buy XfrogPlants 2D Plants today!

The XfrogPlants 2D Plants includes 3,000 billboard renders for all plants from all 31 XfrogPlants Libraries:

XfrogPlants Volume 1:

Africa | Autumn | Basic | Blossoming | Bonsai | Europe 1 | Europe 2 | Flowers 1 | Flowers 2 | Fruit | Groundcover | Houseplants | Japan | Mediterranean | Prehistoric | Red Sea | Shrubs | Tropical | USA Conifers | USA East | USA Southwest | USA West

XfrogPlants Volume 2:

Asia | Agriculture | Europe 3 | Flowers 3 | Home Garden | Landscaping | Oceania 1 | Oceania 2 | Oceania 3

Check out some of the examples below:

Golden Bamboo

Mediterranean Fan Palm


Manna Gum Tree