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  • Diverging Friends by Drea Horwath
  • Lost and Scared by Drea Horvath
  • Rendering by Dax Pandhi
  • Rock Tower by Aronkamo

XfrogPlants VOLUME 1

XfrogPlants VOLUME 1

Price: $299.00 USD


XfrogPlants VOLUME 1

1,300 3D trees, flowers shrubs and plants

We all feel it - The economy is slowing down. And yet you need the best quality 3d content for your scenes. In XfrogPlants VOLUME 1, a large bundle of plants that we have painstakingly assembled for you at a great price point.

We would like to offer to you these 22 Plant Libraries for only $359! That's 1,380 plants at $.26 cents a plant!

Our plants are created by botanical experts and have a very broad depth of location, season, and very flexible useability, and unlike any of our competitors, each plant has a botanically correct, Young, Medium and Adult, age variation. Some even have blossoming and Autumn season variations. Xfrog has done this because they know that you need to create believable ecosystems: you do not want to stick the same plant in the ground over and over inside your scene.

VOLUME 1 Renders

Also unique to the plants package, we have included both high quality perspective renders and billboards for each plant. Each is large, non-compressed TIF with embedded alpha cutout, so you can drag and drop over 1,000 plants into Photoshop for quick comps, use them in compositing, or texture them onto single polygons to add a believable low-poly forest of oaks, grasses, bushes, etc., to your scene. This is how you want life to be - low-poly plants for backgrounds and high-end, high-poly "Hero" plants for foreground elements.

Below you can examine the description of each of the 22 Libraries, but in short here is what you get: XfrogPlants VOLUME 1 is primarily trees native to the United States and Europe. You get over 600 plants from those two regions, and we have also included a wide variety of themes that you probably need for your work - 60 Species of flowers, loads of very accurate Groundcover and Shrubs, everyone's favorite: Tropical Trees, Fruit Trees, even Houseplants, and let's not forget the trees of Japan, and the Mediterranean.

Plant Packages Included In VOLUME 1